16 and 20 year old dating

Yesterday he asked me if its okay to go out with her concidering shes a bit...young.... They had something about it in school but now i forget.

Probably illegal or somehting and it's kinda messed up, he must be pretty desperate. not only is it cradle robbing (20/2 = 10 7 = 17 = the youngest person he should be dating) but im pretty sure its illegal...

Chartier pleaded guilty in 2015 to fraud and was sentenced to 18 months in jail. Dylan sparked engagement rumors last year, when she posted several photos of herself with what appeared to be an engagement ring.I was watching Penn & Teller's Bull***t, and they did an episode about how parents are too paranoid about their child being abducted.One lady they had on the show would not give her kids any freedom at all because she was too worried about them being abducted. I know that there are some people who specifically single out underage kids because they are young, but I do believe that there are genuine cases of love.Mc Lean was married to his first wife Carol from 1969–1972.He married Patrisha Shnier in 1987 and they divorced in 2016.

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I am getting really sick of people thinking that just because they are behind a computer screen its okay to talk like there is nothing wrong with this. And let me riterate IT IS NOT LEGAL AND YOU COULD BECOME CHARGED AND CLASSIFIED AS A SEX OFFENDER. I'm 20, and a 15 year old girl was hitting on me a few weeks ago.

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