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You may need to wait even longer depending upon the amount of the payday loan.

A common tactic that payday loan companies will use is to have the person seeking the loan write a post-dated check for a certain amount.

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Generally speaking, yes, payday loans can be wiped out by filing bankruptcy.

If a debt is incurred and viewed as fraudulent then the debtor is required to pay back that debt in full.

Therefore, it is important to wait at least 90 days before filing a bankruptcy after receiving a payday loan.

However, it is rare they will actually attempt to do that.

One of the major reasons is because a check is only considered “bad” if the person writing the check gives the impression suitable funds are in the bank to cover the check.

Due to how fast the process is, the loan is also referred to as immediate loan, cash loan or an urgent loan.

A payday loan will be viewed very similarly to credit card debt.

Therefore, it can be wiped out through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or mostly wiped out in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In many cases payday loans are intended for emergencies and not for long term problems.

The application process is very simple since all that is required is to fill out a form and wait for a while for verification.

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