7 bible truths violated by christian dating

If the Sabbath were a Creation ordinance with truly moral qualities, God would not have led His children out of Egypt without provision for keeping it every step of the way.

Once, because of their sins, God seems to have threatened to take Israels Sabbaths away.

This evidence in found in part in that Moses used special literary devices to limit the blessing, hallowing, and sanctifying (the setting aside) of that day to that ONE day ALONE.

Regarding these cultic Jewish rituals, a scholar once observed that people who do not eat together seldom become friends.Critical thinking elicits the fact that you cannot keep the Sabbath holy without a preparation day before it.All the work has to be completed before sundown on the 6At this point in the Exodus journey, the Sabbath represented nothing more than the second of two obedience tests. Sinai, the Sabbath was incorporated into the treaty between God and Israel known as the 10 Commandments.The people acted as if it were something new a stiff-necked and stubborn people testing the boundaries.Some individuals gathered firewood on that first Sabbath. If the Sabbath had existed prior to Exodus 16, these offenders would have been stoned.

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