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The parent may distribute overhead costs to the subsidiaries.If the parent runs a centralized accounts payable, it will distribute the related expenses to the subsidiaries as appropriate.The shareholders' equity section of the consolidated balance sheet would consist of the capital stock of the parent company and an entry for the investment in the subsidiary company.If the parent controls less than 100 percent of the shares of a subsidiary, then the consolidated balance sheet must have a separate line showing the non-controlling interest, which refers to the ownership interest of shareholders other than the parent company.Finally, the parent closes the subsidiary books and then its own. The parent can then issue the period’s consolidated financial reports. Consolidated statements combine the income statements, balance sheets and statement of cash flows of the parent and subsidiary companies into a single set of statements.

A company may invest in another private or publicly traded company.

After adjusting the parent and subsidiary accounts, the parent reverses intercompany transactions between itself and its subsidiaries.

These transactions might include intercompany sales, interest and other expenses.

Consolidated accounting is used to group the financial information of a parent company and one or more subsidiary companies.

A parent company owns the majority of voting shares of a subsidiary company or otherwise has contractual control of the subsidiary.

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