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I just want to find my person, that one who will be close to me, he will understand me from half a word. I like to help people, I dont get used to wait something from them. I also like to listen to music, to go to the theater, to meet my friends. More and more, the way we meet is facilitated through our portable glowing screens, not through spontaneous romantic encounters — and that’s not going to change any time soon.“For your generation, it won’t be, ‘How did you meet? “There are a lot fewer interactions that people can have organically. People aren’t going to open an umbrella for you if everyone’s looking at their phone.”But if you only had TV and movies as a guide for deciphering the dating world of humans – if you were, say, an alien with purely anthropological intentions — you’d walk away with the perfectly understandable impression that dating apps led to, at best, a witty conversation or a one-night stand, and at worst, a horror story. There’s a chasm between the success of online dating in real life, and the way it’s depicted on screen. Stewart, a psychotherapist and dating coach based in Seattle.So you wonder, By Cooper’s logic, what is “doing it right?” Likely, “doing it right” has something to do with meeting a potential partner organically, which is still the prevailing narrative in pop culture.

He must be affectionate, caring, I want my man to take care of me and give me his warmth, because I am ready to give him same things. I want him to be sociable, to care a conversation with our common friends, and loyal, it is important for me.I am family oriented, friendly and very communicative person by nature, warm hearted, faithful, honest and trustworthy, intelligent, loving and caring by nature.I love children and appreciate a good sense of humor, genuine in my wish to meet a man for life with whom I feel easy and who will let me be myself when we are together.I want to meet a kind, caring, thoughtful, remarkable and sophisticated man with good nature, positive thinker, intellectual and thrilling in all ways, able to appreciate a woman`s heart, knows what he wants from life and ready for commitment.Of course I would definitely like him to be reliable and very responsible.

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