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When these engines were designed technology was not nearly as advanced as today and all parts were made very large.

A typical 6 horsepower (4.5 k W) engineweighsapproximately1000 pounds (454 kg).

AB36-38, AB55-56, EI (Republic of Ireland), FK17-21, GY (all), HS1-8, HS9, IM (all), IV... AB36-38, AB55-56, EI (Republic of Ireland), FK17-21, GY (all), HS1-8, HS9, IM (all), IV (all),...

A quality water slide transfer of the Amanco "The Associated Line" decal logo.

Fuel was simply fed to the mixer, where due to the effect of Bernoulli's principle,itwasself-metered in the venturi created below the weighted piston by the action of the attached needle valve, the method used to this day in the SU carburetor.

Sparks to ignite the fuel mixture are created by either a spark plug or a device called an ignitor.

Small functional pieces were made of steel and machined to perform their function.[1] The fuel system of a hit-and-miss engine consists of a fuel tank, fuel line, check valve and fuel mixer.

The excess oil from the piston ran out of the cylinder onto the engine and eventually ontotheground.

Thedrip oiler could be adjusted to drip faster or slower depending on the need for lubrication, dictated by how hard the engine was working.

The flywheels maintain engine speed during engine cycles that do not produce driving mechanical forces.

The flywheels store energy on the combustionstrokeandsupply the stored energy to the mechanical load on the other three strokes of the piston.

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When a spark plug was used, the spark was generated by either a magneto or else a trembler (or 'buzz') coil.

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