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To get there, just go through the enchanting Sint-Annatunnel that goes through the Scheldt River…‘ fool you because this place is full of beautiful buildings and gardens that are even listed as monuments.To help you get the fullest experience possible, through this article, I will give you the ultimate guide of things to do in Antwerp! Did you know that there is a famous group of fashion designers called as ‘Antwerp Six’ that made Antwerp a notable location for fashion design in the international setting?They have been such a huge influence over the years that there has been a rise of cheap to luxurious boutiques of designers that would satisfy every fashionista!Other than giving the public the chance to freely enter in order to inspect MAS’ majestic architecture, you can also simply go up to the top floor as you wish.If you want to escape the crowd even further (and to have a better view of the city’s skyline) head to the west and go to the left bank of Antwerp that’s called as Linkeroever.If you wish to require for a group menu with guaranteed seating, contact RESERVATIONS for all group menu options.*********************************************************************************************************************** Hard Rock has found the perfect space to bring the brand to Antwerp in a multi-level, spacious building on Groenplaats 35, located in the heart of the city.

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It’s a good way to observe the locals, though you might even meet a friendly Belgian to strike up a conversation with.

The Stadhuis, on the other hand, is a beautiful 15th century Renaissance and Baroque building that is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

It is also vast with over 7,000 animals — in a way, it would take you at least half a day to see it all!

If you rather prefer an underwater adventure, head over to Aquatopia — it has a collection of exotic fishes, animals, sharks, piranhas, rays and octopuses live in 35 aquariums.

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There are even numerous fairs, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and events that happen throughout the year, with most of the grandest ones being held at the (Sport Palace) — however, it’s important to note that there’s actually little sports done here (except for the Diamond Games tennis tournaments) as it is mostly where Dutch-speaking and international artists perform.

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