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At Michigan State University as part of the on-campus meal plan, we get a “Combo-X-Change” at Sparty’s or the dining hall every weekday.

It is basically an extra meal you can take back home.

It’s a sports drink whose website claims that it is a healthier hydration option compared to other sports drinks because it “has more electrolytes, is higher in vitamins and potassium, lower in sodium, contains coconut water and nothing artificial.” I was extremely excited because these drinks sound awesome.

The scabbard is embossed and chased and further pierced on the obverse with an angel in flight as well as a belt hook engraved with opposing faces. A massive 10" long lobster claw mounted as a powder flask. Polish pike with razor sharp side blades and a qudrangular shaped spearhead in iron. The handle and scabbard were carved from a walrus tusk and the inner part of the tusk can be seen at the carved crown pommel. The handle is wood panelled mounted in iron and the quillons are in the shape of anchor ends.This example would have been one of the Hussaria spea... The scabbard has a finely aged brass chape, and is mounted in grey sharkskin of pleasing appearance. Overall length is 16", 10" blade, 2 3/4" from ear to ear ...One of the finest European swords we've had the pleasure to handle. This example is a German or Imperial Russian court sword of beautiful form and design. The scabbard features the original mounts but the crimson velvet appears to have been added later on to match the color of the ... The grip is composed of three pieces of matched pink agate of the finest quality carved for a pleasing grip and displaying a vivid and beautiful layered pattern emblematic of the finest 18th C. The mounts are mercury gilded brass in the classic 18th C. A particularly elegant example of a very early hourglass. however judging by the clouding in the glass, the age and softness of the oak wood, I would date this example to the 17th C.

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