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The Aboriginals have stones marking water holes (And in Africa) and some ancient Native American communities marked water, food and other things with marks, for example a wooden spoon denotes water, certain berries hanging or moose bones, mean they are found here etc.But at the same time could have been also offerings for gratitude .I was told and I agree that this is the goal of the initiate to unify man’s polar nature/ polarity consciousness.The v rod and z rod are both masonry tools amongst other things previously mentioned in the comments, various cycles ect.Greek fire was more likely Pictish fire the Romans learned that.Take this into consideration Scotland then was covered in the Caledonian forest which was made up of mostly Scots Pine.Then factor in that of all the berries, root, herbs they picked woad for dye which is relatively hard to find unless you’re dying to look like a Hindu God.All of whom have analogous Norse, Celtic pantheon (sorry cult of Mithras, Romans didn’t influence much there until the Catholics).

What is true and what is not may never be known, thanks to religions and governments destroying and wiping out any evidence of a culture. However, as well as deep meanings, remember the Inuit have marker stones for safe ice drinking water.

And the Coloured Ribbons hanging from trees in Britain as “offerings” make a similar message. This could be the serpent like symbol on the Pictish stones.

Reply Jennifer February 6, 2011 at am The difficulty with this idea is, there is no reliable “Pictish legend of creation,” or for that matter, any recorded Pictish legends of any sort. The story goes back thousands of years before Nessie and I was taught about it in school before I knew of Nessie ) The origins of the Clan system were most likely the different Pictish kingdoms.

Then onto the symbols themselves: Mermaid/ centaur is seen in almost identical fashion around the world including the Americas, especially Mexico and Peru.

Always a humanoid with outstretched arms holding two of something, axes, corn stalks, snakes.

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