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Bill got drunk and lay on the sofa staring at the maid that came to clean up the mess he made of the room.

Joanna was sleeping when two throbbing cocks and huge dildo was pretty ready for dirty action!

Ariel and Tony studied in the same college and lived in the same flat.

She shrieked with fear and tried to tear from his hands, but he quickly pressed her to the floor, cuffed her hands behind her back and thrust his cock between her clenched lips. Alex got drunk and tried to hug his sexy housemaid, but she replied him with a smack.

Angered and horny, he decided to punish this insolent slut.

He began scolding her but she just laughed at his worried expression, so he decided to give her a lesson she\'d never forget.

He spanked her tender ass cheeks and then started banging her mouth, pussy and her virgin ass before creaming her springy tits with loads of hot cum.

Logan approached the girlie from behind, gripped her by the waist and started rubbing her tits.Trisha enjoyed hot sauna and then called the masseur.She was surprised to see a new guy, but just relaxed waiting whilst he starts kneading her sexy body.Faith was sitting on the veranda and reading a newspaper.She didn\'t notice a guy who slowly approached her from behind and suddenly grabbed her hand.

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