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I was always getting told off for wearing long trousers to school instead of shorts, I wore shorts one day and everyone laughed.One afternoon I broke up a fight in the playground because the supervisor didn't know what to do, next day I was summoned to Reverend Mother's office, I was so nervous I thought I was in big trouble again, but she praised me for what I had done, then took a white paper bag from her desk and gave it to me, outside I opened it, and it was full of sweets.A barn dance being held in the hall one evening, as well as table top sales, walking with a book on your head, and my affection for Sister Genevieve, with whom I shared a name. Now I have started the memories have come flooding back:) I went to St Louis convent school in Glastonbury in the late 1930's and early 1940's.It was a girl's school but catholic boys had to attend (quite different from today).I was very happy there, but we moved away end of 1963 and I was so upset and unhappy for a very long time afterwards. She will be there from 27th-29th April 2015 and would love to meet anyone who knew her there.Does anybody remember a boy with dark hair, long trousers and a bit shy in 1963? I am looking to find information about a relative of mine who was a Sister at the Minehead Convent - we knew her as 'Sister Kate' although I am not sure whether this was her name in religion or family name.I'm not sure how many of us are left now but I'd love to hear from anyone who is. Their names are Sylvia and her sister Jackie Batley-Plant.

My mum paid five shillings a week for me to have piano lessons, the music teacher was Miss Noyes, she was very old and she told me she was the great great grand daughter of Alfred Noyes the poet.So, if anyone knows the whereabouts of these two girls I will be very grateful. I was a friend of your sister Katrina, and my sister Jeannette was a friend of your sister Shirley.Have lots of happy memories staying at your farm in Nunney.Sister Pauline with the starter gun for sports day, in full robes.I moved away but rejoined in 1980, in Mrs Fallows class.

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I was put in one of the portacabin classrooms up on the field, the one on the right hand side, you had to walk up the stone steps to get to them.

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