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I’m always living like I still have the Geo Metro, you know? [ that she gave you a Tesla rental for a week and a cardboard cutout of Oprah was in the back.

TH: But they wouldn’t let me drive it off the [Warner Bros. They’re like, "Whenever you’re here for a whole week, you just give us a call and you can drive it," and I was like, "Oh, man!

TH: To me, it’s like, you know something is going to happen, you just don’t know it’s going to happen. TH: You know, things that surprise me are when people want to meet me. He and Whoopi would pass me the torch, like, "Handle it, Tiffany." [] I believe that! Glamour: What were you doing last Super Bowl, and what are you going to be doing this Sunday?

I’ve kind of known this, and I’ve talked about it so much, but for it all to be manifesting now is the perfect timing. I’m not a perfect person, I’m going to make a lot of mistakes, but I’m just so happy. Do you ever worry, though, that the more success that comes your way, it’ll be harder to relate to the everyday things? TH: Last Super Bowl I was at my friend’s house, getting pretty wasted, laughing at all the commercials.

The E*Trade baby suggests that he go talk to an E*Trade Financial Consultant. I’m waiting for a fancy event to go to where I have to drive myself and then I’ll be like, "I’m ready for the Tesla because I have this fancy event and this fancy event and that fancy event, and I want to pull up in the Tesla."Glamour: Can you even sum up what this last year has been like for you? I said, "Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to host the Oscars and we can do it together!Can you even put it into words what it has all meant? []Glamour: So now that you have been in this industry for a while and gotten a taste of fame over the last year, is there anything that surprises you? " Because I think he’s the best Oscar host of all time."I want to cry just thinking about how good [it's all been]," Haddish tells us."If you believe in yourself enough and put in the work, good things will happen."And good things are indeed happening for Haddish.

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  1. They”ll show you what they”re working on and you”ll be like, ‘F*ck, I gotta step up my game,”” King said. Isaac was like, ‘Holy sh*t.” Dave was dead silent, and that”s Dave for you.