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And that one-minute rule doesn’t apply to the current fleet of 23,500 passenger planes and the thousands more joining them in the next three years – mostly in Asia.“You can’t say MH370 won’t ever happen again, because it will,” said David Stupples, a professor of electronic and radio systems at City University of London.It’s been a true globe-trotting entrepreneurial journey for Sharoon Thomas and Rituparna (Ritu) Panda.They’re the co-founders of in Toronto, an AI-based platform that specializes in connecting sales, fulfilment and purchasing functions through a single source.In many cases, they already had businesses in their counties of origin, or might have found barriers to employment and decide to start a business on their own.”This is not to say it’s always smooth sailing for entrepreneurs immigrating to Canada, “The barriers are still similar for everyone, especially when it comes to access to capital.To start, it’s very important for immigrants to have a network.”That’s where such organizations as TRIEC, ACCESS Employment, local community service agencies and Ma RS can help by providing networking opportunities, workshops and general guidance on navigating the system.“It’s easy to build a company that wants to operate globally.

“Because we have a merit-based system, people that are immigrating here have quite high levels of skills and education.

That’s because international requirements for new planes to broadcast their locations every minute when they’re in trouble don’t take effect until January 2021.

The disappearance of MH370 remains the biggest mystery in modern aviation, and the search to find it is the world’s longest hunt for any jet.

Many financial services institutions also have dedicated divisions that focus on immigrant entrepreneurship.

Sharma is a strong believer that immigrant entrepreneurs count among the strongest contributors to Canadian innovation and the economy.

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