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since I started my blog 3 years ago is a more sober and reflective affair.Sadly my wonderful mum, Hannah, and rock of mine and my siblings lives and star of a, “A Mother’s Love,” died in June this year.At least she lived to, what I would consider, a ‘ripe’ age even though 79 is still relatively young in today’s modern developed Western world.It is also with gratitude that she didn’t suffer a long debilitating painful death despite my mum’s health not being the best; she was type 2 diabetic (as was my late father) and had been for around 20 years with all the consequences that brings.I questioned the nurse, but she wasn’t overly concerned.

Sadly, as the years wore on, as is natural I suppose, she became more and more frail and her mobility, which once upon a time saw her up and down Neasden on a daily basis with her shopping trolley in tow - became just a memory.I reflect on how I could have done a lot more to ease her torment and I was the cause some of the times; I underestimated the pain my mum must have been suffering, which must have been severe to warrant her to undertake the risks of major surgery again and she suffered every day.Health is the bedrock of everything, yet it is one of the easiest things that is forgotten.I think she may have been aiming to become the world’s first ‘bionic’ granny having already had her knees swapped for titanium a couple of years back and risk becoming attached to our super stainless steel Liebherr fridge freezer, bringing whole new meaning to a fridge magnet.She was also an avid recycler – often scolding me for not following her strict recycling regime and she made fantastic sandwiches; she loved flowers, knew all their names and her garden was her pride and joy, but as she succumbed to the growing pains of old age she was unable to tend to her garden except for the most basic of tasks.

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