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Synthetic supplements are generally cheaper to make and there is controversy about their efficacy compared to naturally occurring substances which the body is accustomed to processing.

Free form does not mean that it is a pure amino acid obtained from a real food source.

This term has nothing to do with the source of the amino acid or whether it is synthetic or natural.

Many Lysine supplements are a synthetic version of the amino acid which have been artificially made in a laboratory.

To find out if a Lysine supplement is made using pure or artificial Lysine you will most likely need to contact the manufacturer.

You can read more about how Lysine works in the blog article Important Herpes Diet Questions and Answers.

The Vitamin B group are essential to many functions of the body, and are easily depleted by alcohol, overindulgence and stress.

This word has nothing to do with the quality of the Lysine.

In regards to Lysine, the term “free form'” means that it is a structurally unlinked, individual amino acid.

Zinc plays a key role in activating and enhancing the immune system, and helps the body to fight off viral infections more effectively.

A Zinc supplement that is chelated (known as Zinc amino acid chelate) is likely to be absorbed more efficiently by the body.

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