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After that, he started going to 12-step meetings and eventually embraced a more loving and accepting form of Christianity, enrolling in the progressive-minded Union Theological Seminary in New York.There, he started attending a 12-step fellowship specifically for meth users, who were almost entirely gay and mostly white. "For most black people, being black is very central to who we are, and it's hard to name that in a [mostly white] meeting because you feel like you're hurting people's feelings," says Crumpler.Partly for that reason, not all experts think that the 12-step approach -- or any abstinence-driven approach -- is the right one. Yet, nearly everyone agrees that, with marginalized groups such as gay men -- and gay black men in particular -- drug use cannot be addressed in a behavioral bubble, cut off from societal influence."I'm not convinced that recovery is the right intervention for everybody," says Currie. "We have to ask why they're self-medicating," says Halkitis.Yet, there were aspects about his using that he needed to talk about that were specific to his being black.

This is what I want to do.' I found that thing and the social group that I'd been missing." With meth in the mix, he didn't feel stigmatized.

C., New York and other places." That's echoed by Gregorio Millett, M. H., a gay black man who is vice president and public policy director at amf AR. H., who heads Rutgers' school of public health, says that he was warning as far back as the early 2000s that it was only a matter of time before meth use migrated from gay white men to gay black men.

"Historically," he says, "gay black men were far less likely than gay white men to use drugs associated with condomless sex, such as poppers, crystal, ketamine, GHB or X. "Meth use is socially and behaviorally transmitted and, in New York City, where we're all on top of each other, it will spread," he says. "Meth is powerful and makes you feel hypersexual, undoing everything bad that you feel about yourself.

(The link between meth use and HIV infection has been well-documented.) "In the last five or six years, I know far more gay black men dealing with meth addiction than I did a decade ago.

Conversations I've had make me think it's really quite serious in Atlanta, D.

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