Blackberry calendar changes not updating

When this feature is enabled and you call *611, a screen with account management options launches on your device.At a quick glance, you’ll see all of the options you’d normally hear on the phone when calling *611." Tap Subscribe and now you will see the shared calendar under the Calendar app on the i OS device.Here’s a quick How-To on merging two Google Calendars together, since Googling with the obvious phrases did not get me very useful results.The call is free and doesn’t use any minutes from your allowance.An add-on mobile service that lets you use your name or nickname, when available, as your number.In order for calendar items made on the BB to sync with Outlook we had to add the BESAdmin user to the Domain Admins group.

This is the template by which active directory resets highly privileged accounts.

[40000] (04/04 ): CDO helper 04385d30 returned error 'CAL_CDO_INIT_FAILED' failed for Long Term Entry Id=0 in Launch Cal Helper(1) [40000] (04/04 ): Unable to launch CDO helper in Synchronize Helper [40000] (04/04 ): Unable to process message with Long Term Entry Id=0 in Synchronize Helper [20216] (04/04 ): Synchronize() failed: ERR_FAIL, Tag=3024864 [40000] (04/04 ): -Handle Appointment To Sy When doing the upgrade i logged in as myself and not BESADMIN.

soo i took a look at the services and all Blackberry services logon are under my username.....

We have a BES server with version 4.1.6 and running in conjunction with Exchange 2003.

Starting yesterday, for no good reason, users started complaining that when they enter a calendar item on their BB it doesn't sync with their Outlook. I have scoured the interwebs and read pages and pages of threads, posts and forums. Just to let everyone know, i have checked over and over again the settings of the BESAdmin user. We even made changes based on the video tutorials, but we are still in the same spot.

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