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The images below, created by cartoonist Park Dong Sun, exhibit how each blood type behaves in a certain situation.

Park's cartoon scripts on blood type personalities are published on South Korea's largest portal site, on a regular basis.

The blogger analyzed [ko] that among several tools which make the blood type theory sounds believable is the Cold Reading method, which is a series of techniques used by psychics, fortune-tellers and con artists in order to convince people that they understand them: 대범한 척하지만 은근히 마음이 깊고 소심한 구석이 있어서 이미 결정한 일에 대해서도 괜히 “정말 이 말이 맞나? 타인에게 상냥하고 친구들관계도 나쁜 편은 아니지만 실제로 속내를 다 보여주는데는 꽤나 오랜 시간이 걸리죠[…] 위의 글을 읽으시면서 끄덕끄덕 하시게되지 않나요? 늘 대범한 사람에게도 사실은 말못할 소심함이 있고, 털털하다고 느끼는 사람에게도 나름 세심한 구석이 숨겨져있기 마련이죠.

Whilst evident across Asia, nowhere is the ‘blood type personality theory’ more strongly adhered to than in Japan and South Korea, with books, comics, songs, and products on sale, all based on the idea.

The most organised, Type A, softly complains about who packed the vacation baggage, Type AB points at Type O and B for lousy packing. Image from Cartoonist Park's blog (CC BY NC ND).

Short-tempered Type O is cooling off by sitting right in front of an electric fan, very noisily and repetitively complaining about the weather.

Blood type personality theory According to the theory, people's ABO blood type is predictive of their personality, temperament, and compatibility with others.

The adjectives which best describe the traits of each blood type are as follow: Type A is considerate but shy, B is creative but whimsical, O is sociable but unorganized and AB is rational but calculating.

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Although the blogger admitted that the blood type personality lacks scientific evidence, his experience has convinced him that it is a sure-fire way to categorize people: 그런데 문제는 “실제로 겪어보면 맞는데 어떡해” 라는 거다. 에이형이라도 되게 직설적이고 제할말 다하는 사람 물론 있고 오형이라도 꽁생원에 좀팽이인 사람 없는 건 아니다. […] 과학적 근거 같은 걸로 잴 수 있는 건, 잴 수 없는 것보다 훨씬 적다 이말이다.[Despite all the criticism] it is proven to be right in most cases. I have seen a Type A person who is really a direct shooter and a Type O person who was a big bigot and not cool at all.

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