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With presents being a huge part of the romantic celebration, it's never too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day gift ideas.In honour of the most romantic day of the year, Greggs has announced that on Valentine's Day, it will turn select shops around the UK into restaurants, complete with music, flowers and mood lighting.Here’s all you need to know about Valentine’s Day 2018, including when it is, who was St Valentine, and why we celebrate the day on February 14.This year’s Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, February 14.Hank also has plenty of conflicts with his father, Cotton, a misogynistic World War II veteran.One thing that stands out the most about the series is that unlike most other animated sitcoms that feature wacky or outlandish situations (i.e. After running for numerous seasons, the show finally ended its run on FOX on September 13, 2009.

American author John Updike once said: ‘We are most alive when we’re in love,’ and if his words are anything to go by, we’re most alive on Valentine’s Day.

While in prison, Valentine performed a miracle, healing the jailer’s blind daughter.

One variation of this legend says that Valentine fell in love with the woman and, before his death, he wrote her a letter that he signed with ‘Your Valentine’.

One theory is that in the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I wanted to undermine or pre-empt the pagan festival of fertility, Lupercalia, which was celebrated on February 15.

So he proclaimed February 14 as ‘Saint Valentine’s Day, saying the martyr and his deeds were things 'known only to God'.

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