C datagridview cellvalidating event

Here's what I've come up with: Suppose I load a file with a row that has 18 characters (or anything different than 17).

2) Detach the event hander before the unwanted event triggers and re-attach after. so when i click the add button the cell validating event triggers i have posted the cell validating event do you know how to solve this thanxxx code!!!2) Detach the event hander before the unwanted event triggers and re-attach after.There are two ways to manage unwanted execution of event handlers. Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args' does not contain a constructor that takes '1' arguments" what is the solution for this???????Create a data source for the Mortgage database in the folder shown above, if you haven't already done so.Hi there, I have a question regarding datagridview, I add data to the datagridview in an interface and all the validation for the datagridview cell is in the datagridview cell validating event for the datagridview.

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