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Thanks for the tribute piggy Russ we need to get you more high/drunk so you can go over 0 let’s make that happen next time shall we thanks!

I’ve been working on other projects but don’t worry fuckers, bitchboys, losers, cash pigs I’m still here to drain you.

As my slave/bitchboy you cum to one of my magazines because I am simply irresistible and you are addicted to me.

Aren’t you proud of me fucker the goddess is taking over!

On those sites is where you can purchase my exclusive videos, photos, and items for sale as I mentioned before on my blog I no longer have a membership website.

This fetish is what you want now jerk off to it and buy now.I bought a Logitech c930 and also Sony A5000 camera to go both images and videos 1080p quality.Here are some previews to walk to to motivate you to click the links above and purchase my videos/photos today.Soon as you know it you will be jerking off and cumming to all of my magazines like weak person you are addicted to I Love Janelle.I might return into the adult scene who knows but for now we are branching out in the magazine/modeling world stay tuned for more magazine covers and features. Oh to those who has a wife/girlfriend and can’t have a magazine sent to them I will take photos of the magazine and send them to you to jerk off in the email I guess because your jealous bitch wife/girlfriend wouldn’t like me on the wall fucking bitch oh well but you know what to do get to the tributes NOW.

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