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They then set to harrass their population to such an extent that in 1482 even the Pope complained: The Catholic Monarchs continued their profitable inquisition.

Thousands of wealthy citizens were tortured, burnt alive, their property mostly finding its way to Ferdinand and Isabella, with some siphoned off to Torquemada and other Inquisitors doing their dirty work.

They had been betrothed since Catalina was 3 and Arthur was 2.

And when they were older wrote to each other in Latin.

He was a Yorkist, which helped Margaret ingratiate herself with the Yorkists then in power, and plot with the former Queen Elizabeth, widow of Edward IV, to marry her daughter to Margaret's son.

Since Margaret's husband had access to the Tower of London, as he was now Lord High Constable of England, it is possible Margaret may have had something to do with the mysterious disappearance of the two sons of Edward IV, although as the eldest, Edward, was being treated for an abscess in his jaw, it is likely he would have died soon anyway.

As one of the Inquisitors was to state: "..main purpose of the trial and executions is not to save the soul of the accused but to put fear into others".

And the mystery of his sudden death, just as an act had been passed in Parliament enabling his father to nominate him the heir to the throne.Margaret's main ambition was to make her son (who had been living with his uncle Jasper and the army they had collected, in Brittany) the next King of England.When it happened, (thanks to Richard III's brave but fatal charge at Bosworth), and her son claimed the throne, Margaret now signed herself Margaret Richmond then Margaret R.. made sure her son had a child by the surviving hereditary heir to the throne, Elizabeth of York.Katherine's father, had been Sir Hugh Pershall, who had died in 1488. But until she was 21 and could take over her inheritance, she was expected to live with the Blounts, her young husband, and increasing numbers of his little brothers and sisters at Kinlet Hall, near Bewdley, (post code: DY12 3AY).Katherine Blount will be one of her ladies-in-waiting.

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Although Arthur's parents were determined on the match, Ferdinand and Isabella the joint rulers of Aragon and Castile and conquerors of Granada, were not personally the sort many people would want as inlaws.

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