Cannabis legalised for intimidating looking people

Here's Dubya speechwriter David Frum's view of an America destroyed by weed because poor people can't help but quiet their sorrows in cheap escapes.Here's ' Roni Caryn Rollins' painful guidance counselor pamphlet about the dangers of the devil's cabbage.Hers is such an infuriating caricature of the menace of marijuana that I have to wonder if she is a poe.Her pathetic exaggeration of cannabis withdrawal insinuates a similarity with something out of , but really sounds more like a holiday at the in-laws: "In users who develop a dependence or addiction, quitting can cause intense withdrawal symptoms, like anxiety, trouble sleeping, lack of appetite, mood swings, irritability and depression." So does quitting cigarettes! Quitting cigarettes is so hard that smokers have to change their everyday habits associated with lighting up, cold turkeying alcohol is so metabolically traumatic that it can kill you, but cannabis can't be legal because the withdrawal might make you skip lunch.It's law-abiding adults who will begin using pot in greater numbers, and the associated lameness of watching their parents ripping a bong will, if anything, probably decrease teen use.

And while you'd be right, the truth is that I want this to be a real issue for you because I'm not being facetious.

" And while alcohol is actually a poison that inebriates you by slowing your brain to a halt, the hundreds of active agents in cannabis, called .

Comparisons of the annual death rates of the legal drugs to cannabis are never made because the great hypocrisy inherent in the health argument becomes readily apparent: It is, without exaggeration, hundreds of thousands to zero. Being anti-pot requires you to not care that cannabis prohibition has a traceable origin to anti-immigrant and specifically anti-African sentiments across the Anglo world from the earliest years of the 20th Century.

Meanwhile, alcohol has visibly deleterious effects on one's brain and body and is involved in 40 percent of violent crimes.

Have you ever heard of someone being arrested for a "high and disorderly?

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