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Naturally this leads to a much more serious spanking, this time with a butt plug.We first met Darling, aka Dee Williams, a good fourteen years ago, when she co-starred with Clare Fonda and Steve Fuller in our best selling video Good Cop, Bad Cop.(Nicely played Fineous, no wonder you’re so popular!)And of course, one of the most popular suite events continued to be the Saturday afternoon Bad Boys suite, where any bad boy who dares to enter, was spanked by any number of top ladies present. Alisha Williams uses the method acting technique to communicate what it feels like to be a punished daughter.

Our suite party was supported by other suite parties, generously hosted by Colodom and Spank4Fun, Dr.

And lo and behold, she’s become an extremely good top.

If you haven’t tried one of these triple stick canes from Caniac, I highly recommend you do.

Email me for my session requirements and at the same time, describe in as much detail as you choose, the exact type of corporal punishment you crave, supplying any personal background and experience information you are comfortable with sharing; for the better I know what you are seeking, the surer you are likely to receive it.

And if you have seen other professional ladies I might know, references are appreciated.

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If you enjoyed these illustrations, look up Johnny_75 from Stockholm, Sweden on Fetlife and encourage his spanking art!

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