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Although it has the potential to be very stimulating association if they both are ready to accept each other for who you are.

There are many things that they can learn from one another, but only strength of love can make that happen.

A Cancer man is highly valued by people for his subtle and compassionate nature.

He never harms anyone intentionally and is himself cautious enough to keep away from all kinds of harms. He is a determined person with the capability to work even in worst of conditions and get appreciable results.

With time she will also begin to respect him for his cautious and insightful nature.

Although, he might not be the picture perfect of Sagittarius girl’s dreams, but he surely impress her with his quiet gait.In love with a Sagittarius woman, he can make a lot of sacrifices, just in order to please her.He adores her fun loving nature and is always there with her to participate in all her adventures.I would love to be able to come back and write a post about how we are developing, or have picked up a show based on a comment posted to the blog. When the Cancer and Sagittarius connect their Water and Fire, they make a rather confusing combination.

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