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“I walked into this, and I really have to give credit to Noah Wyle, because he taught me that it’s okay to make fun of yourself,” Kane said of the series, which also stars Rebecca Romijn.“And so I started doing that on this show, and I didn’t realize how much fun that actually was.Okay, so nowadays you can learn pretty much anything you want to know just by firing up Wikipedia, but there’s still something impressive about all those words being housed in one place.In both In a series of TV movies from the early 2000s starring Noah Wyle, librarians are mystical guardians of all kinds of magic.Especially if you happen to not be working at the time, it keeps you honed.

Some of his fans, though, wonder if he was trained or if he’s just a natural.IGN: Some of the funniest parts of the show come when Elliot has quick flashbacks to horrific moments from his past life as a mercenary.Specifically, there was one set up to look like a .“You know we’ve been very fortunate,” Kane tells WYCD’s Dr. “We’ve been battling the Olympics the whole time and that’s a horrible thing just because I love the Olympics, rooting for America, but, we’ve also kinda been rooting for us. We’ve got loyal fans man, were very fortunate.” On the show, Christian’s character, Eliot, is quite the cook and knows a thing or two about fine wine.When asked how much of that is Christian Kane, he says, “The cooking is actually me. Well, they write for me, and then I get to put in my own two cents.

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