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Introduction Simultaneous equations are usually a nightmare for the average secondary school student: they cannot or will not do them. I remember, however, realising what they were and how they worked years after leaving school and then I thought, why on earth does anyone have a problem with them. Simultaneous equations get their name from the fact that in two or three or more equations, X has the same value for each, Y has the same value for each and so on. The range A8: E9 includes the solution using firstly the MINVERSE() array function and then the MMULT() array function. (2) Don’t worry about all of the decimal places you might see because Excel is doing all of the work for you; and your answers should be x = -1.176470588 and y = 3.470588235 Carry out the proof to make sure your answers are correct … You should have done this: indirect ad direct methods both shown here: Make it work, make sure it works before you move on. If you know SEs you know there are several ways of solving them and I am not a mathematician so I am not going to explain Cramer’s rule, matrix algebra or even substitution … For example, here are two simultaneous equations: X 3y = 8 … The range A12: D13 contains the Proof area in which we test the solution that x = 5 and y = 1. again, just copy them as you see them here but remember, array functions are not ordinary functions. don’t look at my solution in my Excel work book until you are happy with your own! In my workbook there are additional questions for you to work on.

(2) You have already solved this problem but use SOLVER as well, for practice. If you can make the equations work but not SOLVER don’t worry, at least you’ve found one way that works.If it still doesn’t work, download my example file! Try This Repeat the above as you try to solve these equations for x and y: 2 5 = 15 … Alternatively, type in any numbers you like to test whether your entries in J5: J6 seem to work: We do two things here: first the mathematics and then the Excel. For the MMULT() array function, do the following: Select the range D8: D9 and keep it selected then type =MMULT(A8: B9, D4: D5) … Mathematics: rearrange both equations to make them = 0, like this: X 3y = 8 … so you can see what happens if the teacher or lecturer gives you a problem that cannot be solved. Download my Excel file from here fon_simult where you will see these questions and four variable simultaneous equations together with a problem that has no solution …

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To summarize and report results from data on separate worksheets, you can consolidate the data from each separate worksheet into one worksheet (or master worksheet).

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