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I have 3 emails that I use frequently, but in Outlook 2010, they all showed up when I opened Outlook.

In Outlook 2013, I had to make a separate profile for my Exchange email, and now I have to go to Profile Settings and change what profile Outlook uses when it starts up.

How can I get back to just opening Outlook and seeing all 3 email address and their folders on the left side of the window? If you want to copy this information, you must do so manually.Certificates and links to contacts on the Activities tab will be copied from the duplicate contact and added to the existing contact without replacing the original information.Presented below are three reader questions related to merging your Outlook, Gmail, and Android email.Reading Gmail in Outlook Q: Is it possible to read my Google Mail on my desktop computer using Outlook 2013? A: Yes, you can set up Outlook to retrieve your Gmail messages as follows. First, make sure IMAP access is enabled by launching Gmail, clicking the Settings icon, and selecting Settings.

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