Consolidating police fire departments

Cecchini said the city was facing a huge budget deficit that was sure to result in numerous layoffs: It needed to do something.The merger would help reduce personnel costs immediately, give it more first responders when they were needed and save money down the line.According to a recent study, at the present moment 128 jurisdictions have merged their police and fire administrations.

If you don’t have that support from the city commission, town council or an agreement with the labor organizations, you will run into problems,” he said.(Photo provided) “To the untrained administrator, (a merger) is a very inviting proposition.The merger becomes a trailblazing and leading-edge idea as how to organize local government into a leaner, more functional service,” he wrote.Health and safety law in the United Kingdom has been over 200 years in the making.Its origins lie in political responses to social problems arising from the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution and the inadequacies of earlier Elizabethan Poor Laws.

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With budget cuts and layoffs consistently causing police and fire departments to do more with less, communities across the nation are seeking outside-the-box solutions to maintain and manage those critical areas of public service.

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