Cost of validating a marketing lead

“In real terms this is about focusing on customer needs to ensure we are providing the right content on the right device, at the right time.” The key metrics will reveal how aware customers are of the Tata Communications brand, products and services; how engaged they are; what actions they are performing; and how they are sharing and amplifying its content.For example, a potential customer in the buying phase will have very specific content requirements that are different to an existing customer looking for additional products or services.To be able to get value out of digital you have to be able to see the full picture of what a customer is doing.Linking up the metrics from different channels, platforms and devices will arguably give you the insight into their path to purchase.

Getting the right marketing mix for both digital and offline channels, as well as understanding the impact of earned and paid activity on lead streams remains key in the efficient stimulation of growth,” says Ben Rhodes, director of customer marketing at Royal Mail.

“Digital has an infinite amount of measurable elements,” argues Karen Standen, head of digital marketing at Vauxhall.

“Given the possibilities in terms of journey sources, platforms, time frames, channels and devices – to set KPIs to measure effectiveness that fit all of these is extremely difficult.” Vauxhall segregates its activity into the relevant role it is playing in the customer journey.

There is a dilemma for marketing service agencies here.

“How do they continue to deliver value and where do they fit into this digital world? “To get that one single view of a customer is probably best done in house where you have all the data directly available.” Hostelworld operates a ‘data lake’ that unites the various disparate digital feeds, signals, metrics and measurements to form one view across platforms, channels and geographies.

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