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I walked into the living room having slept so well, I was feeling good and giddy. "Daddy I am wearing the same thing I always wear to bed." I felt tears burning in the corner of my eye. I found myself stealing glimpses of his crotch – not understanding how such a big thing could fit in his pants there. The heat of his big daddycock pouring through the thin fabric of my panties.

" Daddy looked up at me and I could see him tense immediately. My pink panties peeked out from the length of the shirt. Every once in a while I would catch him staring at me, his eyes intense, and then he would look away. Silently, I moved closer to the bed, my eyes fixed on daddy's waist. Slowly I lifted the sheet and exposed daddy's naked body. It didn't look nearly as big as it did earlier in the bathroom. Just then I felt Daddy's big hard cock twitch against my bum.

I quietly got down on my knees in front of the bathroom door and looked through the keyhole. Just as I was quietly click-shutting my door I heard the bathroom door open. Still holding my breath I heard Daddy breathing outside my bedroom door. I looked closely at the wayward spurts of the white stuff. I got down on my hands and knees in front of it, examining it. Carefully I placed my finger under the drip and lifted upward, collecting the white stuff on my finger. I rubbed it between my finger and thumb, feeling its consistency. I brought my finger to my mouth and cautiously put the tip of my tongue against the gooey stuff. It was Yummy, I thought to myself before realizing this act had began to make the wetness between my legs appear again. Still on my hands and knees, I looked over the cupboards again seeing no more white stuff.

I know it was wrong to spy on him but I was so curious! Immediately I covered my mouth, I saw Daddy stop and look toward the door? Quietly but oh so quickly I got to my feet and scurried back into my bedroom without making a sound. I breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on my bed. I took a step closer though when I saw some of the white stuff on the sink cupboard. There was so much Daddy must not have realized he got it all over the cupboards too. I don't know where that came from but in an instant I went from being curious to wanting it in my mouth. Licking my lips I noticed there was a tiny bit more on the cupboard. I leaned forward and licked Daddy's stuff right off the cupboard.

Such dirty thoughts I had never imagined before came to me without abandon. I gasped lightly at the heat coming from my daddy's dick.

The desire was so strong; I simply could not resist seducing my daddy no matter how hard I tried. When I had a bad dream I could crawl into his bed and cuddle and without all the naughty desires. His thick shaft pointing upward toward the small of my back, his big sac full of daddy goo hot and tight against my watering pussy.

You are growing up so fast," Daddy said, his voice still a hoarse. Aw, it's okay Daddy I am always going to be your little girl! As I pulled my t-shirt over my head I heard a strange sound coming from the hallway. My head peeked out into the hall and heard those sounds again. My body felt electric and carnal on my hands and knees in the bathroom looking for more of daddy's cream.

I was just surprised at seeing you in those clothes this morning. I felt something starting to push against my bottom. I went into my bedroom to change my clothes as daddy instructed. I tiptoed into the hall and toward the bathroom door and listened. Something inside my belly and between my thighs was heating up.

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I sat in front of the TV and tried to forget about the strange things from today. Quietly I slipped my robe off from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Just as I laid down daddy moaned and shifted again. Daddy was still asleep, I smiled to myself as I realized his shifting had pulled me into spooning position with him.

Maybe it's time you start covering yourself up a bit more around the house." He looked away from me, stealing only small glances. He exhaled and suddenly that fleeting awkward moment was over. I was also relieved to have cleaned the wetness from between my legs. Relieved, I heard his rhythmic breathing and light snore.

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