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"Having an axe to grind" then came into figurative use for having a personal motive for some action.

[Mid-1800s] 3- Turn a new leaf Make a fresh start, change one's conduct or attitude for the better He promised the teacher he would turn over a new leaf and behave himself in class.

This metaphoric idiom transfers lack of physical support to arguments or theories.

[Late 1500s] 9- Under the thumb of Controlled or dominated by someone He's been under his mother's thumb for years.

This expression alludes to turning the page of a book to a new page.

[Early 1500s] 4- Burn the candle at both ends Exhaust one's energies or resources by leading a hectic life Joseph's been burning the candle at both ends for weeks, working two jobs during the week and a third on weekends.

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Beat out of Cheat someone of something He was always trying to beat the conductor out of the full train fare.

1553): "The heart of a man should more honour win by bearing with a woman." It may also be used as an imperative. b) Use the following expressions in sentences to bring out their meanings: 1- To fall back on something / fall back upon Rely on, have recourse to I fall back on old friends in time of need.

When he lost his job he had to fall back upon his savings 2- To fall through Fail, miscarry The proposed amendment fell through. [Late 1700s] 3- On right earnest 4- Vested interests A personal stake in something She has a vested interest in keeping the house in her name.

These phrases call up a vivid image of someone flailing away at nothing.

[Late 1300s] 3- To break a lance with To engage in a tilt or contest 4- To foul of, (foul play) Unfair or treacherous action, especially involving violence The police suspected he had met with foul play.

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This term originally was and still is applied to unfair conduct in a sport or game and was being used figuratively by the late 1500s.

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