Dating an alcoholic liar

Healthy relationships aren’t built on a foundation of wonky, busted or non-existent boundaries or all manner of secrets, lies, or things you’re ignoring.All the love in the world won’t erase these issues.It’s best to enter into dating and relationships by starting as you mean to go on because deciding to consider the healthiness of your relationship when you’re knee-deep in it and then attempting to reverse-engineer a healthy relationship out of a not so healthy one is a flawed plan.The development of a healthy relationship is organic – there’s no such thing as an instant relationship even if it might feel like it at the time.

You can’t override valid concerns with connection, chemistry, sex etc and plough ahead because when the pain kicks in, it will be over the very things that you thought you could ignore or shove under the carpet.We like to put things in the proverbial microwave and cook it in quick time.We want to know how things will ‘end’ or shape up to be now.If someone’s told or shown you that they are certain things, it’s only betting on potential and denial that is creating the “surprise” element when they live up to being who they are.Healthy, mutual relationships happen organically with two people copiloting the relationship while also retaining their identities and owning their own. none of this making other people’s behaviour about you malarkey.

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