Dating an opera singer

Until last year, she even went by Lina Lazaar Jameel in her work as a critic and curator.

It was an astonishing and also a deeply sad moment for the beautiful black woman from Portsmouth, Ohio, an elementary schoolteacher whom everyone had once loved and who had risen from nothing, or not very much, through the bitchy world of insufferable egos to become one of its superstars.

The SOUNDGARDEN frontman killed himself after a concert in May.

BRIGHTENING up a grey week, PINK is back with soaring new single What About Us.

A great cheer echoed round the empty opera house at the Lincoln Centre.

Kathleen Battle, who has one of the loveliest voices in opera today but who off-stage had rocked the forces of decorum and rectitude at the Met for more than a decade, had been banished.

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They admired her artistry, and they loved her, too - but only in the beginning.

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