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Remember, this psalm is centered on the perfect Word of God. And a Spiritual problem..Zach Terry Phil Waldrep is a distant cousin of mine and one of my favorites things is to hear him tell stories about our family. Tilly would say things sometimes that didn't quiet come out right.

In fact, being a good pastor, I can honestly say that I love all of you.

Because we need to learn to live our lives, lead our families, and make..Johnny Hunt Occasionally, I will receive a card or letter that ends with these words, ''To my Pastor and friend.'' I am Pastor by relationship, but ''friend'' takes it to a deeper level. Hawkins says, ''We will never be properly..Chuck Mc Alister (A) .... STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY (the journey of life) .... It has been long said, ''It's not what you know, but who you know.'' The part of this equation which we miss is that our relationships have a huge impact on the person we are and that we become.

I know Janet as my wife (relationship) but ''friend'' as my darling partner. - As we began the study of Chapter 13 (last week) we discovered the..Rick Ferguson An exposition and application of 1 Corinthians 13.

This is a powerful topic to focus on in your preaching and teaching.

Prepare your messages on relationships with sermon outlines or an entire sermon Frank Damazio We have engaged on a journey exploring relationships that has been quite enjoyable and I believe spiritually beneficial.

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