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The Penal Code prohibits such activity for persons below 21 years old and punished perpetrators with two to five years of jail and a fine between 900 US dollars and 4500 US dollars.However, marriage between two persons of the same sex is forbidden.The law prohibits rape with a penalty ranging from five years to life in prison, depending on various factors.Rapes of children and pregnant women are punishable by hard labour.D’Andory) this percentage reaches as high as 18% per cent of women and 8% of men in polygamous unions.Women may, by law, initiate divorce, and a divorcing wife usually receives half of joint assets, although customary law usually prevails in rural areas and males are given the advantage in divorce and child custody.Domestic violence is punishable with two to five years in prison and a fine.Like sexual harassment, domestic violence is reportedly prevalent, but specific data is not readily accessible, although NGOs report an increase in the incidence of domestic violence during the current political and economic crisis.

Although the land policy currently lacks a gender strategy, the 2005 law abolishes the principle that any land without legal title is state property.

Reforms have thus provided for recognition of untitled private property and the creation of local land offices.

Although the 2005 Land Law originally envisioned the possibility of a joint land certificate, the form has now been changed so as to provide space for the wife’s name.

The 2008-2009 DHS found that overall 23% of women, at the time of the survey were using a modern form of contraception.

It is legal for two persons of the same sex to have sexual intercourse as long as they are 21 years old.

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