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Plugging in my old C Series 500mm f8 Hassy Zeiss into cookie cutter Nikon D800 is the only practical use I have for the adapter, but just getting to handle the Zeiss's again is, for me, what it's all about.Liberating a few rolls of Fuji from the frig will bring me full use adapter is very easy no more than a couple twists and ready to use in manual mode on digital Nikon great because I can use my Hassy lens.The 50C is a digital back designed with older film cameras in mind, and it can replace the analog film magazine on the back of almost any medium-format Hasselblad going back to 1957.The finishes have even been matched to Hasselblad's older models, so in most cases onlookers won't even be able to tell that this back is a later add-on to your vintage bodies and lenses. It's 43.8mm x 32.9mm, meaning it has approximately 60 percent more surface area than the full-frame sensors found in top DSLRs, such as Canon's 5D, and it fits 50 megapixels into that space.That tiny shooter sitting in your smartphone is leaps and bounds better than the highest-end digital cameras from just five years ago.

I cant find anything wrong about it does exactly as it claims.

Although they are auto nothing, I find that setting the camera on A or M mode works very well.

As I am a landscape photographer this does not inconvenience me in any way as I normally do manual focus and exposure anyway. Machining on camera and lens flanges both very good and smooth - I did do a tiny, tiny amount of de-burring with an Xacto blade. The tripod mount surface is rather small for good grip to quick release plate or the actual tripod but is functional.

This is all to say that you get big images with bright, accurate colors, and as you zoom in, more details will continue to reveal themselves.

The raw specs put the 50C toward the top of the digital photography dog pile, so naturally, there's a price tag to match.

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I purchased this lens adapter so I can use my Hasselblad V lenses on my new Nikon D810. It also appears to have very pro level build quality, better than I expected.

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