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”But current events come as little surprise to those who have monitored ISIS activities over the past year, as the group displayed clear goals, high motivation, sophisticated capabilities, and more than enough financing to carry out a campaign to create an Islamic caliphate. Much of the global “surprise” surrounding ISIS’ perceived sudden appearance in Iraq has to do with ignorance of, or at least a lack of clarity about, the group's origins, which date back well over a decade.

Throughout this region, many different ways of worshipping God have co-existed for centuries.John Allums grabs a plate of Iraqi food during the 'Breaking Bread' cultural exchange dining event at Bilad Bakery & Restaurant in Richardson, Texas on March 8, 2017. Mansour Zayter, sunni-muslimsk syrisk sanger Kor og liturg fra Den syrisk ortodokse kirke i Bekaa-dalen Arrangementet foregår i ”Jakobs Brønn”, inngang vil bli skiltet.Installasjonen ”Gardens Speak” med monologer fra en syrisk gravlund arrangeres i samme lokale fra 23.februar til 8og blir rammen rundt konserten.Konserten er en releasekonsert for albumet ”Syrian Prayers – Sacred Music From Bilad Al Sham”, produsert av Erik Hillestad, støttet av UD og Music Freedom Day.

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