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Sex Getting along with parents Lust Hassled to do drugs Media Rebellion Succeeding in school Anorexia/Bulimia Cutting Disabilities/health issues Adolescents/puberty Dating pressure Alcohol Acceptance Making friends Avoiding addiction Building self-esteem Sexual identity Suicide Bullying Attractiveness Just to name a FEW!

It's overwhelming to just to SEE everything kids are going through, much less try to minister to them in the midst of it all. The "average" ministry requires constant attention and more time than we have!

You can give your teens devotional thoughts for them to grow from.

In a flash you have ten all time great service projects to choose from.

When your teens reject your values Helping your teen fight sexual sin Family meetings What teens wish their parent knew Family communication Building a healthy family Fighting parental discouragement Helping your teen stay committed Disciplining teens More than 60 articles to send parents right now! You know preaching to them (or at them) won't work.

Use these articles to impact you and their parents!!! But for some reason their hearts start getting impacted when they start sharing.

Every Monday you get a brand new lesson outline, class handout, and discussion guide. Each month you get a personal one day retreat called Dawn Till Dusk.

It leads you through a one day experience and evaluation.

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Some may not even feel attending church is that important.

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