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Here are 3 love mottoes that may feel good to you...#1: “I’m open to having a new experience.”For anyone who has had a past love relationship or marriage, it can be a real challenge to simply have a new experience.The mind likes to compare and contrast and this is normal, but can cause big problems.“Uh-oh, my ex used to say things like that and he ended up cheating.”“Hmm, situations like this usually led to a fight when I was married.”“Finally!A love motto that limits you with insecurity or mistrust will make it impossible for you to attract the kind of dates and the experience you want. It’s time for you to direct your thoughts with more awareness and intention and, as you do, you’re going to find that this whole dating thing becomes more fun.Then when you’re ready, a new relationship in which you feel valued, respected and adored can develop easily and effortlessly.Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.

Healing completely after the betrayals and upset of your ex takes a long time.

You fear falling for the wrong person and ending up disappointed and hurt all over again.

Take a moment to identify the common themes in your thoughts about dating again. If your current love motto is pessimistic, self-critical or negative in some way, know that this is going to have a strong effect.

If you’ve been through a divorce and you’re stepping back into dating again, you probably have a LOT of thoughts about this.

You worry about being “too old,” “too jaded” or “not hip enough” to attract dates and feel special and loved again.

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