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Rockhounds have until March 22nd to submit letters.

Read an article on why amending DRECP is unnecessary and could be bad for Rockhounds ».

Victorville, CA 92395 April 18 · Ridgecrest Kerr Mc Gee Center 100 W. Ridgecrest, CA 93555 April 24 · Lone Pine Statham Hall (Lone Pine Senior Center) 138 N. Lone Pine, CA 93545 April 25 · Joshua Tree Joshua Tree Community Center 6171 Sunburst St.

Joshua Tree, CA 92252 Download the BLM press release on the WMRNP comment period and meetings » Comment Period Deadline: June 14, 2018 BLM has prepared a Draft Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA) and Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for the West Mojave Route Network Project (WMRNP) within the West Mojave (WEMO) Planning Area of the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA). Its scope: "The WMRNP will delineate travel management areas, adopt transportation and travel management strategies, and designate routes on public lands in the WEMO Planning Area.

The 2018 DRECP Review could take away concessions made to Rockhounds.

BLM opened a 45-day comment period on February 2nd.

Some of these lands were originally designated for development in the Draft DRECP, but after receiving numerous detailed comment letters from Rockhounds, they were re-designated to accommodate hobby collecting in the DRECP Record of Decision published on September 14, 2016.

BLM opened a 45-day comment period on February 2, 2018.

Rockhounds should review BLM's map data and submit comments for routes that are missing or delineated inaccurately to ensure continued access to ther favorite collecting areas.

The best way to make route specific comments is directly in the WMRNP Online Interactive Map.

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You can click on individual routes and route segments and submit a comment on the selection. Check out the menu options (top left corner of the map) to customize the view to make the map easier for you to use.

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