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Maybe most of all, Craigslist was , explains, “You got to see people’s terrible prejudices, like ‘no fats, no fems, no Asians,’ or guys only interested in ‘white fit men, age 25 to 26.’” Those attitudes are still around today on apps, he adds, but they’re at least challenged more directly.Perhaps it’s nostalgia for that old, weird, Wild West Web 1.0 or a longing for the faceless security of an anonymous, email-based communication system, but when I clicked on “men seeking men” recently — as I’d done so many times before — and landed on farewell message, my eyes welled up.For instance: “Step brothers with wandering hands are forced to share a bed when money gets tight around the new family home.” (Obviously, it was all weird, especially in retrospect, as now I’m a nearly 40-year-old openly gay man.Yet Craigslist has always stubbornly remained a component of my sex life — an ol’ reliable bridging the gap between the clunky, pay-for-play print personals of the 1990s and today’s swipe-centric hookup apps.Unlike Facebook or Google, however, Craigslist has always been simple to a fault, refusing to employ advanced AI to root out problematic posts.To some extent, Craigslist can shut down its personals because it has a business model that exists outside of the section, explains Josh Millard, moderator of the community blog Meta Filter.It’s been a while since I did anything with another guy, and I’d really like to get back into the swing of things with someone who’s looking for a long-term bud. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse, but Craiglist did this to itself (and by extension, me and my former email pals), preemptively amputating its problematic personals to preserve the the rest of its bigger — and more profitable — webpage.

“Smaller platforms have neither the capacity to moderate members’ activity nor the legal budget to absorb the increase in liability.

“It was a part of the internet commons I fear we won’t get back.

The institutions we rely on for gay life online are all private property now.

I was still mostly closeted, clinging to the scraps of my fleeting heterosexuality and looking for someone similar — ideally a college lacrosse player home on summer break, which is why I marketed myself as a “straight preppy jock who NEVER does this.”It definitely worked.

Within minutes, my inbox would be peppered with a half dozen Dave Matthews fans — likewise claiming to be “totally straight” — lining up to deepthroat my Dancing Nancy.

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This became very clear when the Internet Association — which represents Facebook, Amazon and many other large internet companies — decided to endorse the bill.”Craigslist has seen this movie before.

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