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Dallow Primary School is a large, vibrant academy in the heart of Luton.

When cars led off the production line every thirty seconds, or batches of bread come piping hot and golden brown from the ovens of some huge bakery - that is wealth. They are called primary products (first products) because they have been here from the very beginning of time. We call land, labour and capital the factors of production. We use geographical land for farming, forestry, etc.

There are millions more things we all "want" which, while they are not essential, are part of the way of life we have born into. Consumption destroys ..., and we have to start a new circle of... Translate the sentences from Russian into English using the Vocabulary of the text: 1. We tunnel into it to extract metallic ores, chemicals of various sorts, oil, coal, water, sulphur, salt and countless other products We domesticate wild plants and set up rubber plantations, sugar plantations, etc. When the entrepreneur sets out to create goods and services he/she looks for help from other people. Once you've fixed it you can't unfix it again for a hundred years or so when the bridge finally collapses, or the cement works is worn out, or the school is too old and inconvenient for further use.

How do all these things that we want, both goods and services, become available? It is business that produces the food, clothing, shelter, furniture, etc., that we all need. Another kind of'land' is the waters of the sea fend the fruits of the sea.

We have a large and highly experienced staff team who are all dedicated and committed to supporting each child so that they become a successful learner, a confident individual and a responsible citizen.

We are also a school that has very high expectations of everyone and we celebrate success at all levels.

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