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Scary movies and love-themed stories will work best.As you get into the movie, softly draw her close to you and giver her some warm cuddling.

Still on the food part, do you know that chocolate has a special effect on women.stick on what you sens and feels it good before your action. 2cm tall, dark skinned with black hair and average size, I like all types of Am simple with good sense of humour, loving, caring and straight foward i hate liers. 6ft tall with a nice figure and am chocolate in colour with black hair i like modern clothing.Kenyan women are some of the most beautiful on the face of the planet. If you’re going to successfully romance them, you’d better be prepared to work your socks off.You can start by cleaning the rooms while she washes the dishes.Don’t Miss: Nicknames for guys, Fun questions to ask, Loving you messages Pick one of your favorite movies, play it and turn off the lights.

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I believe all the important bonds of life come from friendship..

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