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You’ll connect with the good ones and pass on the duds. In this call, I’ll cover where to look and where you can stop looking because your love isn’t there.Meeting face to face is harder today than ever before. Pacifica Community Center - Thursday May 3, 2018 - 6pm 540 Crespi Drive Pacifica, CA 94044 Register here (limited space available): For further information, click here.Coming Soon Learn how to flirt, banter and socialize with men (while actually enjoying yourself) You see those girls. The long legs, the shiny hair, the incredible style. And you think, though you’d never admit it, “I want to be like that.” But then the rational, brilliant, […] Learn More Coming Soon Throw out all the rules and connect authentically with men in the real world Online dating is really appealing.We’ll explore ways you can be authentically happy, even in circumstances you may not have chosen.So many of us have heartache, and we’ve got to let go and heal ourselves before we’re ready for something new.What would it do for you if felt inspired, energized and hopeful while dating?What if dating was something that you looked forward to?

Does the worry of another relationship not working out keep you from dating whether you'd like to start dating now or in the future.

I will teach you how to be the best first date – ever. I’ll send you a copy of the book through an online store and it won’t be signed, sorry about that!

And I’ll cover first date conversation topics, etiquette, and situations that may feel off-limits, but aren’t. Ditch the fake purse grab, and learn that graceful one-liner that honors you and your date when he pays. and you’ve purchased my book, 121 First Dates, I’ll sign your copy. The system for mailing internationally requires me to spend a lot of time hanging around my local post office, which smells a lot like feet. I want you to have the book, so I’ll ship it directly from Amazon.

Join us in this workshop to find out proven ways to take the stress out of dating!

On a personal note, after my divorce, I made the same dating mistakes over and over again.

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