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You can walk the jungle trails around the cabins, or take a dugout canoe along the river and creeks surrounding the area.Meals of freshly caught fish are delicious, and the owner Alvaro is always appearing with some random jungle fruit fresh from the forest.San Jose, however, is another place where this stunning red algae grows.There are several rivers within half an hour of the urban area that, in the right season (June-November), run red.“Hey man, where would you recommend I visit for an adventure?

They are also very under-visited, so you will be comparatively alone compared to visiting their iconic big brother.Here are six archaeological sites that researchers believe pay tribute to the winter solstice: 1.Stonehenge, England Stonehenge — one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world — is an arrangement of rocks carefully positioned on a barren ground in southern England. C., over the course of roughly 1,500 years, in a series of several major phases.Modern heating technology and the globalization of food markets make the seasonal transition remarkably easier for modern humans to survive, but people still do celebrate the day with festivities and rituals, including a tradition of reading poetry and eating pomegranates in Iran, and the Guatemalan ritual known as polo voladore — or "flying pole dance" — in which three men climb to the top of a 50-foot-tall (15 meters) pole and perform a risky dance to flutes and drums.[Winter Solstice: Sunrise & Sunset Times in US Cities] Still other people celebrate the day by tuning into the spiritual rituals of ancient civilizations and visiting the sites of winter solstice tributes.

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