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Blue and White Arita Porcelain - Arita C.1690 One of a pair of Blue and White Apothecary bottles (gallipot) with I.* Similar bottle is illustrated in "The Voyage of Old-Imari Porcelains" The Kyushu Toji Bunka-Kan, Arita 2000, no.Blue and White Arita Porcelain - Edo Period: 1660-1680 A large Japanese Arita blue and white charger in Kraak style, a central monogram of VOC, the Dutch East india Company.The composition is asymmetrical and well-balanced with the milky-white (nigoshide) porcelain body.It's always a goal of mine to share this with all the kids I care for and I would really enjoy sharing my love with your kids.I am a lover of books, baking, and all things creative.In the 2016 to 2017 school year I babysat twin 6-year-old girls.

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The outer rim displays a double-line underglaze blue border, while the the central medallion is distinguished with a thicker underglaze blue border interspersed with 4 rocks.

The outer section exhibits flowering pomegranate branches.

Rare; one of the pair of Islamic shape ewers, from the Kakiemon kiln.

Identical piece is illustrated as 12B( Mr.& Mrs Richard de la Mare) in the book "Japanese porcelain" by Soame Jenyns (1965).

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monogram can be attributed to Hendrick van Buytenheym who was the Head of the Trading Station on Deshima Island in 1685, 1688, 16.

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