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By contrast, if you use the page to find a document, you get first an equally bad Report of Working Group on Cryptology and Coding Theory Looking at this one, the "pubs/1998" header is going to give any future archive service a good clue that the old 1998 document classification scheme is in progress.Though in 2098 the document numbers might look different, I can imagine this URI still being valid, and the NSF or whatever carries on the archive not being at all embarrassed about it.The main reason for not needing the date in this URI is that there is no reason for the persistence of the URI to outlast the magazine.The concept of "today's Money" vanishes if Money goes out of production.This is the probably one of the worst side-effects of the URN discussions.Some seem to think that because there is research about namespaces which will be more persistent, that they can be as lax about dangling links as they like as "URNs will fix all that".There are no reasons at all in theory for people to change URIs (or stop maintaining documents), but millions of reasons in practice.In theory, the domain name space owner owns the domain name space and therefore all URIs in it.

Most URN schemes I have seen look something like an authority ID followed by either a date and a string you choose, or just a string you choose. In other words, if you think your organization will be capable of creating URNs which will last, then prove it by doing it now and using them for your HTTP URIs.Then, make a mapping onto whatever reality you actually use to implement it. You can even write bits of your server to make it just right.John doesn't maintain that file any more, Jane does. There is a crazy notion that pages produced by scripts have to be located in a "cgibin" or "cgi" area.You need to be able to change things like ownership, access, archive level security level, and so on, of a document in the URI space without changing the URI. When you change a URI on your server, you can never completely tell who will have links to the old URI. When someone follows a link and it breaks, they generally lose confidence in the owner of the server.They also are frustrated - emotionally and practically from accomplishing their goal.

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If you want to link to the content, you would link to it where it appears separately in the archives as (Looks good.

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