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I was just playing, and read on a forum that there was an update, so I restarted the game and it began updating, my question is, if I never close the game, do I never get the updates? Only players who haven't updated can play games together? Because I was never kicked out of (like I was used to in retail Starcraft a good 10 years ago) The update you just downloaded was not to the game itself, but rather to the Diablo III Launcher.Because the Launcher update has no actual impact on gameplay, it can get pushed out at any time, and it does not matter whether your friends have updated it.You be able to connect to the game with an out of date client, and before the patch goes live, you will be disconnected, as the servers go offline for Blizzard to apply their side of the patch.If you never close the game, you won't get the updates, but, since you'll have been disconnected, you also won't be able to log back in - after the update goes live, your attempts to connect to the server will be rejected until you update to the newest client software.These troubleshooting steps get progressively more difficult and time consuming, so we strongly recommend attempting them in ascending order to avoid unnecessary time and effort.

Thus, any executable files that you download to your PC should be scanned for viruses before opening - even if you think it is from a reputable source.Thus, these invalid EXE registry entries need to be repaired to fix the root of the problem.Manually editing the Windows registry to remove invalid Diablo III keys is not recommended unless you are PC service professional.Keeping track of when and where your Diablo III error occurs is a critical piece of information in troubleshooting the problem.Diablo III problems can be attributed to corrupt or missing files, invalid registry entries associated with Diablo III Launcher.exe, or a virus / malware infection.

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