Dirty chat bots with video

Yes — they might have mastered the tech behind it on some level, know the general outlines of building, deploying and maintaining a Chatbot, but lack the skill to approach the user from another angle, to confront the user directly and make him enjoy the experience rather than just glide through it. Read on…Creating content for any platform has its own little secrets of the trade, and while there might be no actual handbook on how to create (or edit) media content for chatbots at the moment, the platform is picking up and tailoring its own best practices, one at a time.

To get the most out of it and use everyone’s time wisely, we always prepare a short script outline that needs to be executed and define few simple output parameters.

At Martian & Machine, we’ve gained enough experience to break it down into few simple but important steps.

Prior to execution, lets put a bit of thought into it. Every project has some challenges waiting to be resolved, right?

Furthermore — this agent would remind you to renew your policy later on and be your first touch point for additional inquiries.

In order to create a tight relationship with clients early on, real agents were digitalized and delivered through the Izvor Insurance Chatbot.

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Apart from executing the set right technically, the result has to blend into the brand guidelines seamlessly and communicate in the desired manner.

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